Slimax a new way to quick weight loss

Slimex 15 mg is a medicinal product made for fast and effective weight loss. It has gained the confidence of a large number of people whose quality of life was disturbed by overweight and whose lives may have been endangered. Not only it is known throughout the world, it also provides the best results. If you are also not satisfied with your weight, Slimex 15 mg is the most proper choice.

What is Slimex 15 mg and who is it for?

Slimex 15 mg should be used by people with overweight and all those who failed to maintain a satisfactory body weight with the help of a low-calorie diet. Slimex 15 mg is recommended by health experts as a good complement to a complex reduction program. Researchers found out that the results can be noticed already in the first days of using Slimex 15 mg when patients increased their physical activity, improved walking itself and walking up the stairs was not so hard for them anymore. Slimex contains the active ingredient sibutramine. It acts centrally in the brain where it changes the levels of serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and noradrenaline. By increasing the amount of the two chemicals in the brain the appetite after a meal decreases. Already after eating small portions of food patients feel full. By changing the overall eating habits, regular exercise and proper use of the 15 mg Slimex tablets many obese people have managed to lose weight permanently.

How to use Slimex 15 mg?

Slimex 15 mg can be taken without regard to meals anytime during the day. Normal dose allowed is one pill per day to be swallowed with sufficient fluids. After a missed daily dose continues in the treatment the following day taking one pill. Never take two tablets in a row. The safe time and the effectiveness of the medicine last max. one year.

How many kilograms will I lose with Slimex 15 mg?

If you have not lost more than 5% of your initial weight in the first month of taking the medicine Slimex 15 mg, you can try another product for weight loss from our range or consult it with your doctor.

What are the side effects of taking Slimex 15 mg?

Slimex 15 mg is not recommended for people suffering from anorexia or bulimia, people allergic to any ingredient of this drug, patients with cardiovascular disease or overall disorder of the cardiovascular system, people with mental disabilities, pregnant women. Breastfeeding mothers may start with the use only after the end of the breastfeeding. Otherwise, the mostly occurring side effects are a headache, fainting, feeling to vomit, fast or irregular heartbeat, troubles with a bowel movement.

Where to buy Slimex 15 mg?

Slimex 15 mg is offered in our online pharmacy with the guarantee of quality now at a discount price. Better effect and shorter period of weight loss can be achieved by combining it with the 100% natural products for super fast weight loss, such as Lida daidaihua or Loss Coffee also in our pharmacy.